Viome is the only company whose gut microbiome test can be used to accurately make personalized diet and nutrition recommendations. The reason is our unique technology, which no other direct-to-consumer company possesses or offers.

Most microbes in your gut can produce molecules that benefit you (humans evolved to depend on them), harm you, or have no impact on your health. The ONLY genomic test that can tell which molecules they are actually producing is called metatranscriptomic analysis, which Viome offers.

We provide personalized diet and nutritional recommendations based on each customer's Gut Intelligence testing, which is based on a stool sample from the customer, as well as a set of questionnaires. The results from your testing will be available in your Viome account, which includes all of your analyses, nutrition and supplement recommendations. 

We also created Coach Vie, your in-app wellness companion for Android and iOS. While we do not offer one-on-one nutritional coaching, Coach Vie can provide answers to frequently asked questions and let you know when your recommendations change.