Organism names frequently change as the scientific community discovers more about them. Further, organisms that were previously thought to be one organism may be separated into multiple species and strains. We are now looking at 6 times more genomes today than our previous database, and thus our analysis has a more precise identification of active microbes.

Your recommendations are based on what the microbes are doing, not on the names of the organisms. We identify and map every gene expressed by every microbe, independent of the microbe's name. The name by itself doesn’t matter--what matters is what these microbes are doing, and Viome is the only company that is able to determine their function. Many microbes can perform the same function and each microbe can perform multiple functions. We are looking at the microbial community as a whole, what your microbes are producing, and what functions they are contributing to. As a result, your recommendations are the most precise food recommendations available.