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What does Viome offer?

Viome offers the only commercially available Metatranscriptomic analysis of your gut microbiome. We sequence the RNA produced by your microbiome which allows us to see in detail what organisms are active and what they are doing.

We use this extensive analysis of your microbiome to give personalized food and nutrient recommendations that are aimed at doing the following:

  • Balance your microbiome
  • Maximize foods that will be metabolized into beneficial substances by your microbiome
  • Decrease foods that will be turned into harmful substances.

We are the only company whose gut microbiome test can be used to accurately make personalized food recommendations.

After sending in a pea-sized stool sample and completing some questionnaires, you will receive your results and personalized recommendations for specific foods and supplements in your app or web portal where you can also generate the results on PDF format.

Vie, your knowledgeable in-app AI wellness companion for Android and iOS, provides answers to frequently asked questions as well as product updates.

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How does Viome subscription work?

Currently, Viome only offers the Essential plan*. Viome’s Essential plan is an annual service, which includes one Gut Intelligence test per year and ongoing service in the app throughout the year.

Viome Essential includes:

  • One round of testing per year at $399 with the option to order additional testing throughout the year for $199 per test.
  • The plan renews each year (for $399) unless you opt out. 

We created this plan to be flexible, and to better suit your individual needs. We recommend retesting after following recommendations a couple of months, but your testing schedule is ultimately up to you! Maybe you’d like to test more frequently to monitor your progress, or maybe you need more time in between tests – whether you’re on vacation, still working on making changes to your diet, or you just can’t find the time.

The great thing about Viome's subscription-based service is that we are always training our AI (Artificial Intelligence) with new information. As our team learns of new research and findings, if they apply to your personal results, then you will see updates in the app. As you know the science of the microbiome is a fast-growing field, and we love being able to provide our customers with the most up-to-date tech! Check out the infographic below to learn more about how Viome is constantly providing customers with updates:

* If you signed up prior to September 2017, you may be one one of our older, legacy plans (the Basic plan or the Insight plan). We will honor these plans through the end of 2018 for customers who purchased them, but we do not offer the Basic or Insight plans any longer. If you have questions about your plan, or if you are on a legacy plan and you'd like to switch, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Is Viome a diagnostic service?


As a wellness company, we cannot diagnose, mitigate or treat symptoms or diseases.

Viome provides you with food and nutrient recommendations to optimize the environment in your microbiome as well as ensuring you will benefit from the foods that will be transformed by your microbiome to produce beneficial and not harmful substances.

Many chronic illnesses begin in the gut. Customers who have begun the process of balancing their microbiome have reported decreased symptoms, an increase in energy, and feeling better overall.

Our goal is to empower you with the tools to maximize your personal wellness. Viome’s service does not take the place of any health practitioner or physician, and should not replace your annual check-ups or health maintenance procedures.

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