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How does Viome differ from lab tests that my doctor can order?

As a wellness company, Viome does not diagnose or treat any disease, but provides you with personalized diet, nutrient and wellness recommendations based on your specific gut microbiome.

These recommendations do not take the place of the diagnosis and treatment plan of your health care provider, but can be implemented as a healthy lifestyle option in conjunction with your physician’s recommendations.

To see how Viome's testing stacks up to some other technologies out there, we recommend that you 
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How does Viome differ from other microbiome testing companies?

Many microbiome testing companies perform 16S analysis, which sequences a small portion of a single bacterial gene. 16S analysis has poor resolution – it cannot distinguish between similar bacteria, nor can it identify all of your bacteria. As a result, this method can only detect large changes in your gut microbiome.

Unlike 16S sequencing, Viome’s technology quantifies the expression of genes from all of the microorganisms living in your gut. This analysis identifies all microbes, including viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, bacteriophages, and parasites at very high resolution (down to the strain level).

Not only can our testing determine the composition of these organisms, we can also look at their function. Unlike most other microbiome companies, we use your results to generate practical recommendations that form the basis for your wellness.

By following Viome’s diet and lifestyle recommendations, you’ll be able to fine-tune the function of your gut microbiome to optimize your wellness.

To see how Viome's testing stacks up to some other technologies out there, we recommend that you visit our Science page to see an in-depth comparison between Viome and a few of the mainstream testing technologies.

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How is Viome different from 23andMe?

23andMe provides ancestry and health reports. Viome does not provide any ancestry information. When it comes to wellness information, we provide data that is very different from 23andMe.

23andMe performs what is called DNA genotyping. Genotyping looks at specific locations in your (human) DNA and identifies variations. Your DNA is like a set of instructions your body reads when it needs to do something, so not all DNA is “active” all the time. The report from 23andMe identifies potential genetic or inherited traits which have the potential to cause disease.

Viome’s Gut Intelligence testing examines both the microbes living in your gut and your gut's metabolic functions. We analyze your gut microbiome metatranscriptome, instead of your DNA. Your gut metatranscriptome is the set of all expressed RNA in your gut. RNA is a copy of “active” DNA which we examine to determine what genes are active in your gut. This can tell you about what activities are actually happening in your gut. We provide you with personalized results and recommendations to help you make choices to improve your wellness.

In addition, 23andMe is a one-time test - your DNA doesn’t change measurably over time, so you only need to check it once!

Viome, on the other hand, is something you can use periodically because your gut microbiome is constantly evolving based on myriad factors.

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How does Viome compare to Doctor’s Data?

The Doctor's Data stool test is culture-based. There are several inherent limitations to this test: 

  • Doctor's Data can’t detect anaerobic microorganisms. However, around 80% of the microorganisms in our gut are anaerobic! This means that culture-based microbiome tests can’t detect a large portion of our microbiome.
  • With Doctor's Data, only a few specific microbes are tested. Viome's Gut Intelligence test can identify hundreds of different species in your gut.
  • The functions of the gut microbes are not examined in a Doctor's Data test. Viome's Gut Intelligence test identifies both the specific microbes present in your gut as well as their function.

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