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The Viome approach

Viome uses RNA sequencing and bioinformatics pipelines, originally created for national security at Los Alamos National Laboratory, as well as state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our world-class translational science team ensures that the data and insights from your Gut Intelligence test are accurate and actionable.

Viome is the only company that can see what your microbes are doing and uses this information to make personalized precise food and nutrient recommendations. Viome differs in five important ways.

  • 1) We use a high resolution Metatranscriptomics technology that isolates and sequences all the informative RNA from your stool sample. Metatranscriptome sequencing quantifies the expression of genes from all the microorganisms in living in your gut.
  • 2) We have a precise database that is continually updated to identify microbes at the very specific strain level, and includes all organisms, bacteria, yeast, parasites, and viruses.
  • 3) We use proprietary precise pathway analysis that identifies and quantifies what your microbes are doing, what they are eating, what they are producing and how they are interacting with each other and with your immune and nervous system.
  • 4) Vie, our expert-trained artificial intelligence engine, is able to analyze vast amounts of data to recognize patterns, create biological models and automate analysis and recommendations.
  • 5) We give precise, personalized recommendations on what foods and nutrients will be most beneficial for you and your microbiome.

In comparison, most microbiome testing companies perform 16S analysis, which sequences a small portion of a single bacterial gene. Recent scientific publications have suggested that 16S sequencing results are hard to reproduce, and quite variable between different lab facilities.

16S can only identify bacteria (which are only a fraction of what lives in your gut), at the less specific level of genus. This means 16S technology provides a relatively poor resolution view of the organisms living in the gut microbiome – it cannot distinguish between similar bacteria, nor can it identify all of your bacteria. As a result, this method can only detect large changes in your gut microbiome.

Unlike most other microbiome companies, we use your results to generate practical and personalized recommendations that form the basis for your wellness. By following Viome’s diet and lifestyle recommendations, you’ll be able to fine-tune the function of your gut microbiome to optimize your wellness.

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The Viome team

Viome’s team consists of doctorate biologists, medical doctors, licensed naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, doctorate level bioinformaticians and mathematicians, machine learning scientists, artificial intelligence experts, and the best and brightest engineers.

We stay up-to-date on new findings regarding the relationship between the host (you) and the gut microbiome, applying these new findings when analyzing your microbiome.

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