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How often should I retest my microbiome?

We recommend retesting after following recommendations for 2-3 months.

Everyone is different. Depending on the current composition of your microbiome, and how dramatically you change your diet, it can take anywhere from a few days to a number of weeks to affect future Gut Intelligence™ results.

We created Viome to be flexible and to better suit your individual needs. While we recommend retesting after following recommendations for a couple of months, your testing schedule is ultimately up to you!

Maybe you’d like to test more frequently to monitor your progress, or maybe you need more time in between tests – whether you’re on vacation, still working on making changes to your diet, or you just can’t find the time. Viome is designed to work for you!

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How do I order additional Gut Intelligence™ tests?

Viome's purchase price includes one round of Gut Intelligence™ testing. You can order additional tests for $199 each.

To order a new test, log into your Viome account online at, look for the menu option that says Buy Another Kit

Next, enter your Shipping Address and Payment Method, and check the Order Summary to make sure your order looks right. Click Next to continue with the purchase process! 

IMPORTANT: additional tests at $199 are non-transferrable, and can only be used for the customer on the account. To purchase for another person, log out and create a new account with the name and email of the person you are purchasing for.

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