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What kind of results and recommendations do you provide?

The recommendations you receive from Viome include personalized food recommendations based on your Gut Intelligence™ test results, so you’ll know which foods to indulge in, enjoy, minimize and avoid.

You may also receive recommendations for supplements, if our team of medical doctors, nutritionists, and naturopathic doctors think that you may benefit. These typically come in the from a prebiotic, probiotic, or supplement of polyphenols.

Additional food preparation tips and tricks, and fun food facts are also included, to help you get the most out of Viome recommendations.

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What is raw data and will I receive it with my results?

Raw data refers to the sequence of nucleotides on the isolated strands of RNA. 

Although this data contains all of your microbiome’s information, it needs to be analyzed by interpretive bioinformatics software to be understood by a human. Our world-class team of bioinformaticians processes your data in order to give you the most comprehensive information.

What you do get from Viome is the result of this bioinformatic analysis. You will get a full list of the microbes inhabiting your gut.

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I follow a specific diet. Will the recommendations take my diet into account?

Viome currently takes the vegetarian diet into account. We provide a toggle in the Viome app and desktop website allowing all users to view vegetarian recommendations. To access this, visit your foods section and then look for the vegetarian check box:

However, Viome does not currently take other self-reported diets or food allergies/ sensitivities into account. If you receive recommendations to which you react or cannot eat based on your diet of choice, please do not eat those foods.

Viome provides you a large list of food recommendations so that you can pick and choose from lists of indulge, enjoy, and minimize foods. Pick those foods that best fit your preferred diet.

We want you to see all of the foods our AI analysis shows would be beneficial or harmful for your microbiome, so you can make the most informed food choices.

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