Before you ship, please ensure that you have completed all the required steps, so that there is no delay in processing your sample:

1. Did you register your kit online?

2. Did you place the brown capped tube inside the rigid safety bag, and seal it?

3. Did you place the rigid safety bag inside the return mailer, and seal it?

Note: Your sample is stable in the mail for upwards of 4 weeks. If for any reason your sample is compromised when it reaches our lab, we will provide you with a new collection kit.

Shipping Samples from Belgium

Suggested return shipping for Belgian customers:

The best recommendation Viome can make for returning your shipment from Belgium is to use DHL.

Recipient details are as follows:

Viome, Inc.
Accessioning Department
81 Camino Entrada, Suite 100
Los Alamos, NM 87544

Your return envelope should contain the following certificate of non-biological material - you should leave this in the envelope and send it along with your sample.

If asked what is in the return envelope, refer to the CN22 form affixed to the return envelope. A copy of the CN22 is below:

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